How It Works

Orkney Business Ring – Labour Agency Ltd is registered with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and is Gangmaster licensed. We recruit for temporary and permanent positions throughout Orkney, covering a range of sectors such as Agriculture, Administration, Food industry, Horticulture and more.

The chart details how Orkney Business Ring – Labour Agency Ltd works for the candidate.

Click on each section for more information.



The first step for you, the potential employee (known as the labour supplier) is to register with Orkney Business Ring Labour Agency Ltd.

To register either complete the online registration or contact us. Once registered, we will have all the required supplier details including your CV.



At this stage we will organise a brief and informal interview, where we will meet with you to discuss how the agency works, your CV and what type of work you are looking for.

Check References

Reference Check

After your interview we will check your references, assuming there are no issues, you will proceed to the next stage.

Sign Contract

Agree to Terms of Engagement

Once you have been successfully through the interview process, you will be asked to read and sign our contract. At this stage we can begin to look for work on your behalf.

Apply for Vacancy


Employers referred to as Labour Demanders contact us with job vacancies. We contact all suitable registered labour suppliers to see if they want to be put forward for the job, if yes their details are passed on to the labour demander, who then decides who to offer the position to.

If you do not gain employment through OBR – Labour Agency Ltd for a period of more than three months, you will be contacted to see if you want to remain registered and if so update any of your details.

Job Details Given
(i.e. hours, rate of pay etc)

Once Employed

Orkney Business Ring – Labour Agency Ltd do not decide who is successful, that is solely up to the labour demander, as is the rate of pay and contract duration, however, Orkney Business Ring – Labour Agency Ltd is responsible for making sure it is a fair rate of pay the role being undertaken.

Contract Completion

Contract Completion

At the end of a contract, you, the labour supplier will be paid any outstanding holiday entitlement and issued your P45. You can opt to remain registered with OBR-Labour Agency Ltd where we will continue to look for work on your behalf or you can choose to be removed from our records.

Continue to seek employment
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